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Welcome to my Lair…

June 9, 2008

Greetings all!

If you are reading this it most likely means you already know me somewhat, because I’ll be posting the link to this blog in my signature on my own websites. And if you dont know me, well it is nice to meet you!

I always loved blogging, although I dont quite know why I never set one up before. I think just like the rest of my “internet journey”, I believe I had signed up with LiveJournal when I was part of a Wheel of Time community long ago, I had my own blog on a now defunct community site I ran, and I had a private blog on typepad once that I shared with my closest friends, but I stopped updating it.

I felt the need to create this blog mainly to glue my internet presence together. I have created and ran over 20 websites in the past 8 years, under various aliases including *Ingwe* (My first), Alixor, Kaylan Dunai, and Mishraile Rashima. Yeah, I was heavily into fantasy literature back then, so (more…)