About Adalla Productions

Adalla Productions is the umbrella name given to all those projects undertaken by myself, Adalla, where I am either the creator/founder of the project, or one of the major contributors. Any project founded/created by myself will officially be referred to as a “division” of Adalla Productions.

Here is a list of current Adalla Productions divisions:

BSG Pilots

BSG Pilots is my most successful project to date. It has become “home” to a great many fans of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica (BSG) TV show created by Ron D. Moore. It started out as a palce where gamers playing the Battlestar Galactica game “Beyond the Red Line” could meet and arrange multi-player games. Upon the airing of Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica in April 2008 however, BSG Pilots fast became an established source of news, media content, discussions and organized fan events. It also began hosting projects such a forum for Battlestar Prometheus, regarded by many as the best BSG fan fic ever written and other private projects. The most unique and famous feature of BSG Pilots were the weekly Friday night live chat discussions right after a new episode of Battlestar Galactica aired. During the off-season BSG Pilots provides BSG news, new media, and hosts events such as the Season 4.5 BSG Pilots Screenwriters Contest where BSG fans try to write the scripts (in proper format) for the remaining 10 episodes of the series. All in all BSG Pilots has established itself as one of the premiere BSG fan sites and is constantly converting passion and love for BSG into new features and improvements. We are looking forward to continuing our weekly live chat discussions and coverage of Seson 4.5 of Battlestar Galactica in January 2009. We also intend to organize and/or participate in any end-of-series BSG “frak” party among fans, cast and crew. BSG Pilots is definitely headed beyond BSG as our off-topic forum has shown, being very active with discussions of many other TV shows, movies and SciFi.

Kobol Studios

 Kobol Studios is the most “serious” of my projects as I intend to become a professional part-time freelance Visual Effects (VFX) artist someday. Kobol Studios is basically the name I have given to the place where I will be publishing all my CG/VFX work and since it was Battlestar Galactica that originally inspired me to get into VFX, and also due to the fact that it is my favorite SciFI of all time, most of my CG work (at least initially) will be set in the BSG universe. I of course intend to not only do CG work involving other SciFI such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Firefly etc but also eventually do original work of my own. One of the primary goals of Kobol Studios is to attract people that have the same interest and goals such as myself and become a “Fan VFX Studio” basically providing VFX and CG services to fan projects, especially for fan films. The motto of Kobol Studios is “Quality before quantity” so that means we will strive to do our best to produce the highest quality work (for an amateur studio that is) even if it means producing less work. I have seen so much bad Animation work on YouTube and around the net that it convinced me I will not become on of those people who will publish just about any animation no matter how bad it is. We will also make sure that whatever work we publish is properly labeled as either “work in progress” and  “test” to clearly indicate it is not a final product. I hope Kobol Studios will become the premiere amateur VFX Studio to provide exceptional quality services to fan projects.

The 9th Battlestar Group

The 9th Battlestar Group is one of the largest BSG gaming clubs in existance. With over 50 members at our peak, we were the biggest BSG gaming club that played primarily the Freespace 2 mod for BSG called Beyond the Red Line, as well as other titles such as Sierra’s Battlestar Galactica and the Homeworld 2 mod for BSG called BSG:Fleet Commander.  Since our club is based on the popularity and general activity level of the games we support, we are currently very inactive and our membership has shrunk. We are waiting for new patch releases from Beyond the Red Line including new ships, missions and an improved net code to decrease the lag in multi-player games. We are expecting our club to grow again once these new patches are released.

XvT World

XvT World is much like the BSG Pilots of Star Wars. A fan site dedicated to Star Wars space combat games, featuring discussion forums, news, events, interviews, downloads and more. It was founded in an effort to bring all members of the X-wing vs. TIE Fighter gaming community under one roof, as before XvT World they were scattered across the dozens of surviving Star Wars gaming clubs that still supported these 10 year old games. Unfortunately, since LucasArts no longer seems to care about Star Wars space combat gaming fans, and no new games have been released, the community is dying, and with it, so is XvT World. We depend on fan-made mods, and there is one in particular that is very promising called Fate of the Galaxy which is a Freespace 2 mod, and we hope that the release of this mod will bring back some vitality into the Star Wars space combat community.

Protoss Defense Forces

The Protoss Defense Forces is gaming club that supports the legendary StarCraft strategy game for PC and its expansion Brood War. It will also be supporting StarCraft 2 upon release. What distinguishes the Protoss Defense Forces from all the thousands of other StarCraft gaming clubs is that it is hosted by a gaming organization with principles, and our club strives to lead that said organization by upholding and promoting principles of respect, maturity, education, proper use of grammar and spelling, no vulgarity, no sole desire to win at all costs and a healthy balance between the “virtual” life online and a responsible “real life”. The Protoss Defense Forces is part of the Dark Jedi Organization for those interested in checking this unique gaming organiztaion out that has been around for 10 years now and still going strong.

Projects Under Development or on Hold

Unnamed Entertainment Organization

I have been single-handedly programming, designing and developping an entertainment organization that would host gaming clans, fan sites and discussions sites all under one umbrealla with a ton of features. This project is currently on hold, but I have spent hundreds of hours on it already, and I expect to continue working on it as one of my great interests is web development.

Unnamed Engineering Discussion forum

Due to a lack of engineering discussion forums out there, I do have an interest in creating one myself, and it is pretty much made, but it has not been made public as I do not have the time to look after it right now.

Unnamed General Discussion forum/site/community

The very first project I ever undertook back in 2000 was making a discussion forum that would cater for just about every single type of interest but at the same time have bind all these interests together under one site. I tried to build such a site under various names, including Alixor, SPQR, The Little Tower and Taen Amel, Share Life Society, all of whom failed eventually because of various reasons, and although I went ahead and embarked on many other types of projects, deep down, I have always wanted to go back and make this vision of mine come true about an online community that would enhance the lives of individuals by sharing life, learning from others, and being aware of what happened around them. I will continue this project also one day when I have the time.

Defunct/Closed past Projects

Alixor – general discussion board/social community
Little Tower – general discussion board/social community based on a Wheel of Time theme
SPQR – general discussion board/social community based on an ancient Roman Republic theme
Shayol Ghul – Wheel of Time role-playing site
Tel’aran’rhiod – Wheel of Time role-playing site
The Dogfighter Alliance – IL2 Sturmovik and other aircraft simulation game club


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