The little robot that can (and 2008 movies recap)


2008 has got to be one of the worst years for Hollywood. At least so far, and for people like me. There have been so few movies I actually looked forward to, that I can count them on one hand. I mean I’m a huge fan of going to the movies, I absolutely love the experience, but this year there have been times where I didnt go to the movies for like 4 months straight. Off the top of my head, the only movies I looked forward to were Jumper and Vantage Point. Only TWO movies. Of course I went to see a couple more, but that was out of desperation ;). The Forbidden Kingdom was a waste of money, though I’m glad I got to know another hot asian actress Li Bingbing.

Li Bingbing as Ni-Chang, the White-Haired Witch AssassinLi Bingibing as the White Haired Witch Assasin on \

Li Bingbing real life picture

Yes, I gave this woman almost a half meg of space and 3 pictures, so you can tell I like her ;). Really, Forbidden Kingdom is worth it just to see this beautiful woman in action…but dont waste 12 bucks at the movies, just rent it. So as I said Jumper I actually looked forward to, because it was just a very cool idea for a movie, and yeah it proved once and for all that Christian Haydensen’s poor acting in Star Wars as Anakin was not just attributed to poor writing, the guy cant act period. But the movie is entertaining, I reccomend it. Vantage point was another movie I looked forward to due to the unique style of shooting, and it turned out to be a pretty awesome movie…the only thing is the ending was pretty disappointing and was one of those movies that made you think “this is it? What was the point?”.

IronMan I also looked forward to because I’m a big fan of pretty much all Marvel movies, and love comic-based movies in general. And it proved out to be as good as all the hype made it out to be.

Ok, so lets come to the present. I went to see the new Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie, becaues I’m a fantasy fan also, and it turned out pretty decent also. No Lord of the Rings though. And last but not least, Indiana Jones 4. I have shocked plenty of people by telling them I have never seen the 3 Indy movies, and I told myself I wasnt going to watch the 4th without having watched the 3 original ones, so that’s one less good movie to go see.

So…this is why I’m so excited about WALLE, which comes out June 27th. I’ve always been a fan of this type of animation movies, and am a big kid in many ways. I’m the type of guy that will say “awww…how cute” to a lot of things. And I had seen the teaser for WallE way back when, I think at the teather, and loved it immediately. And I’m so glad it’s finally about to come out, I cant wait to see this one. Probably the movie I am most excited to see since “Transformers”.

As for the rest of 2008, it looks like the only 2 movies that are worth mentioning for me are Dark Knight (Batman Begins sequel) and Star Wars: Clone Wars. For being a complete Star Wars fanatic, I’m actually very surprised at myself for knowing so little about this upcoming movie. In fact if I had not seen a poster advertising it when I went to see Narnia, I would have still now really paid it much attention lol. I’m looking forward to it, though of course, it is a cartoon after all. I’m looking forward to “Dark Resurrection Vol. 2” more than Clone Wars. And considering Dark Ressurection cost 7000 Euros to make by a bunch of amateur fans, and that I’m looking forward to it more than something officially produced by LucasFilm…goes to show how much faith I’ve lost in George Lucas and his establishment. I’m in fact more excited about Dark Knight than this Star Wars movie, which is crazy. I fell completely in love with Batman Begins, it truly was the beginning of a whole new way of looking at Batman. It redefined and revolutionized the comic movies genre. It is still one of my top 10 movies to date. It is SO well done, the score was so nice, it was so realistic, everything about it rocked, so I’m excited about the sequel. It makes comparing the original batman movies to Batman Begins akin to comparing the original Battlestar Galactica to the re-imagined new Battlestar Galactica series…they dont even come close.

Anyways, I’ll end it here, or I’ll lose all of you on my first blog post lol. I’ll congratulate you if you have read this far. I’ll post more about Dark Ressurection soon, as I feel it’s important to get the word out about that fan movie.

So say we all!



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