Welcome to my Lair…

Greetings all!

If you are reading this it most likely means you already know me somewhat, because I’ll be posting the link to this blog in my signature on my own websites. And if you dont know me, well it is nice to meet you!

I always loved blogging, although I dont quite know why I never set one up before. I think just like the rest of my “internet journey”, I believe I had signed up with LiveJournal when I was part of a Wheel of Time community long ago, I had my own blog on a now defunct community site I ran, and I had a private blog on typepad once that I shared with my closest friends, but I stopped updating it.

I felt the need to create this blog mainly to glue my internet presence together. I have created and ran over 20 websites in the past 8 years, under various aliases including *Ingwe* (My first), Alixor, Kaylan Dunai, and Mishraile Rashima. Yeah, I was heavily into fantasy literature back then, so my aliases reflected that. Adalla was born when I became a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica, a SciFI show that pretty much revolutionized not only SciFi, but a whole bunch of other things, such as the scores on television/movies, Visual Effects, writing, and many others. You’ll be hearing me talk a LOT about Battlestar Galactica, as it is my greatest passion at this moment. I live, breathe, eat and sleep BSG. Anyways, Adalla was the combination of two of the characters fromthe show, which are Adama and Apollo. So that’s how Adalla was born, and I’ve used this alias when I got into the online gaming community primarily, and now I just use it for just about everything I do online.

So as I was saying, this Blog is meant to glue all my projects together, and link the various communities I created. I’ll be giving updates on my latest projects here, and I’m guessing most of my blogging will fall under the “Adalla Productions” category…much like this post right here. After all, Adalla HQ is yet another Adalla Productions website :P. But I’ll be yapping about many other things, anywhere from Battlestar Galactica (yes, brace yourself :P), to other shows and movies, games, cool things that grabbed my attention, YouTube videos, and onto more serious stuff like my occasional philosophical/spiritual posts, or comments on world news. I’ll also be throwing a lot of my day to day stuff, like frustrations, hopes, challenges, accomplishments, plans, works in progress, new stuff in my life, events I attend etc etc. I’ll try to keep this stuff to a minimum, as I know you are more interested about the stuff I’ll be talking about, rather than about me, but it’ll be there.

So all in all, a well rounded blog, hopefully with enough interesting stuff to keep you folks coming back. It is the first time I’m doing a 100% public blog, so forgive me if I end up posting stuff you just end up skipping. I’m hoping you’ll all leave comments and give me feedback, so that I know what things you guys are digging most and which least.

Of course, I gotta promote this blog a bit too, or no one will know it exists 😛 So I’ll just shutup now and do that, so I can stop talking to myself.

But for when you do eventually visit and if you read this, let me say welcome to Adalla’s Headquarters, enjoy your stay, and be sure to make plenty of comments 🙂

So Say We All (yeah…that’s from Battlestar Galactica :P)



4 Responses to “Welcome to my Lair…”

  1. TighFighter Says:

    Oh…. What a surprise…. I’m the first to make a post. 😉

  2. adallahq Says:

    LoL I knew it’d be you TF lol. Well you know what, thanx for leading the way as usual 🙂 I appreciate it.

  3. A-Dog Says:


    TighFighter Says:
    June 9, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    Oh…. What a surprise…. I’m the first to make a post. 😉

    It appears our “Poaster” knows no bounds…LOL!

    Good site Adalla. Nice to always get a different spin on people and their various life’s trappings…I should start my own sometime.

  4. adallahq Says:

    Welcome to my little corner on the web m8. Reminds me, I should probably update this blog more often lol.

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